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We offer customized insurance solutions to indoor and outdoor axe throwing ranges (including mobile ranges).  We can offer a complete package policy to fit your needs.  Below is a breakdown of coverage options available in most areas.


The basic limit is $1,000,000 per occurrence and gives your range coverage for any bodily injury or property damage claims for which you are responsible. We then offer you an Umbrella/Excess Policy to increase that limit.  A low limit Accident/Medical policy is often added to PROTECT your core liability policy from the smaller claims which can lead to increased premiums and cancelled policies.


This covers if you have vehicles which are owned by the business. Liability and physical coverage for your vehicle is available. A specific list of drivers with dates of birth and driver’s license number will be required.


This coverage is to replace damages to your investment in real property. Structures and building contents coverage are available. If you rent your business space, the  commercial lease agreement will likely have a very detailed insurance requirement section.  We will analyze the insurance section of your lease and design a policy accordingly.  If you own your building, rest assured we will help custom tailor a property policy to protect your investment.


Let’s face it, today’s business often takes place electronically.  Whether your guests are booking online or providing payment online.  That information is at risk of theft by hackers.  Many business are also storing employee’s personal information on office computers.  We can provide coverage for your Cyber Liability.


This is for your mobile equipment, such as mobile units, mowers, trailers, 3D targets or the like against covered damage or theft. Normal wear and tear is not covered.  Vehicles are insured separately.


This coverage provides you, the employer, a way to pay for injuries and disability for your employees.  Whether you operate a indoor, outdoor, or mobile range, we can handle your Work Comp needs.


We have liquor liability options to suit your needs.  Whether you are a full service establishment with a liquor license or simply allowing your guests to “Bring Your Own Beverage (BYOB)”, we have options to fit your needs.